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Customize on metal enamel lapel pin badges,keychains,medals,souvenir coins etc
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Shenzhen YAZS Metals and Decoration CO., Ltd is well known manufacturer on metal lapel pins, medals, key chains, cufflinks, coins and other metal crafts. 
Our factory takes 5000 square meters area in Shenzhen. In which we have Mould Making Dept, Casting Dept, Stamping Dept, Color Filling Dept, QC Dept, Packing Dept. Now we have 11 CNC mold making machines, 7 casting machines, 500 ton and 1000 ton stamping machines, 10 auto color filling machines and many automatic machines. 

We pass certifications of ISO9001:2008 on 2016. At beginning of 2018, we pass factory audit of BSCI and PM65. Audit company is SGS. All products has certifications of CE or RoHS. We also have trademark YAZS Metals  in English. 
Now we are official supplier of 911 memorial museum, AAU league, Korea LOTTE group, BMW China, Maserati, . In 2015, our factory is licensed manufacturer of all metal pins and medals for 13th Winter Olympics of PRC.